01Building Information Modeling
BIModeling uses its centralized coordinate system to perform modeling of buildings and structures which join every single aspect of the building works, including hydro, heating and ventilation, gas land and etc., all in to one 3D model to simulate series of tests. These simulation tests bring out result of accurate cost estimate for actual construction; minimize the non-necessary waste during the construction and minimize the spacing conflicts within all works. It will allow professionals to coordinately solve the any work conflicts within the model itself before the actual work starts. It also allows users to slice the model  open multiple angle and section for surface planning.

BIModeling is now servicing all areas in modern building structures, industrial structures, subways, ships, city under-ground piping and etc. We use our centralized coordinate system platform to perform 3D modeling analysis in an efficient and effective way to insure our customer satisfaction.
Building Information Modeling
  • 3D Smart Modeling for Industrial Structures
  • Initial BIM modeling
  • Full Detailed BIM modeling
  • Piping conflicts report
  • equipment and object modeling
023D Scanning and Revers - Modeling
We use multiple 3D scanning equipments to collect different primer 3D data for analysis. These data includes 3D space axes points data, surface colors, shapes, and light reflection rate of the material and etc. Ultimately, these data are processed and combined through our data system to reform the targeting object in 3D prospect. This innovative method of collecting and processing data revolutionized the conventional way of measuring in aspect of time, accuracy, efficiency and most importantly cost saving. Through scanning data, customer can measure the targeting object anytime remotely without spending time and travel cost.
BIModeling perform services
  • ship-building
  • petrochemical industry
  • hydro
  • historical and heritage buildings
  • Under-ground Piping Plan and Scan
bimodeling information technology (Xiamen) Co., Ltd
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