As a certified Tech company in China , BIMODELING holds the innovative 3D model engineering skills,and most effective model data processing sorting and collaborating system. We emphases on establishing modeling data management and visual services models in order to service projects on planning design , construction and operation stages. Thurs,our “ModelingControl” system was developed to accomplish control management by using modeling data and solution sharing method and it will be a significant system to more toward smart project management and provide basic data to smart city system in the future . BIMODELING will further enhance system service to push towards better efficiency and effectiveness in model engineering industry.

Cooperation Unit

BIM Service Content
“Bimodeling Information Portal”
 " Bimodeling Information Portal"——Self-developed BIM cloud platform 
" Bimodeling  Information Portal " consists of BCP collaborative platform and BPIP management platform. The BCP collaboration platform can coordinate an aspect of information in the designing stage of a project to improve the conversion efficiency of the 2D drawings into 3D modeling. The BCP collaboration platform also provides continuous up date of the drawings and the latest version of the model all to gether with designing and drawing problems report in advance. On the BPIP management platform, the updated drawings are synchronized to the participating construction units of each project to communicate until all problems are resolved. 
" Bimodeling Graphic And Model Integration System" platform provides an efficient solution for the cooperation of the units participating in the construction of each project,  which marks the beginning of the unified control of BIM by combining BIM 3D design data, engineering data ,reverse data and so on.

bimodeling information technology (Xiamen) Co., Ltd
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